Challenges of Investing in Real Estate

The commercial real estate market is making a comeback! Recent data suggests that now seems to be the ideal time to add real estate to your investment portfolio. Some benefits of investing in commercial real estate are:

  1. Stable cash flows: Commercial properties are typically occupied by tenants that have long-term leases, making cash flow fairly predictable.
  2. Low risk diversification: Private commercial real estate investments can be a wise portfolio diversifier since their returns have low correlations with other asset classes such as stocks and bonds.
  3. Inflation Hedge: Given its positive correlation with changes in the consumer prices, real estate investment can provide a partial hedge against inflation. As consumer prices rise, so do real estate cash flows and, typically, associated property values.

Industry Expert Calls Bottom of Real Estate Market and Launches Real Estate Investment Marketplace

Sales of new homes have been climbing at a steady pace, while existing homes on the market for sale are declining. This has caused real estate prices to appreciate significantly, thus further supporting indications of a real estate recovery. New home construction picked up significantly by increasing 12% Y-O-Y in December. 2012 saw the largest number of new homes constructed since 2008. “The 48-month crisis may finally be coming to an end”, believes William C. Skelley – Founder and CEO of iFunding, which is an online marketplace where individual investors choose pre-vetted real estate projects and invest alongside some of the World’s most successful property owners and operators. “iFunding has brought the extremely inefficient process of raising capital for real estate online to make it more efficient and transparent. On average we only accept 1% of projects that are submitted to us. If we like a deal, most importantly the track record of the sponsor, we will underwrite it, create the legal documents and allow the investor to analyze, sign legal documents and wire money, all online via our website”.